Craftsmen and Designers

Trace your candle holders using the letters stamped on the candle holder. The first letter is always the designer’s initial and the second is the craftsman’s. G means that the product is cast (gjuten).

    Sara Roxana Norén

    S Formgivare
    Sara Roxana Norén has a Master’s degree from HDK (The Academy of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg. At present she is working in Stockholm with experience from being Interior Designer at European Furniture Group that does interior design for offices, and Chief Interior Designer at Room2Room that works with hotels and restaurants.

    Emelie Nilsson

    E Craftsman & Designer

    Emelie is Våge's youngest daughter. Emelie has a Bachelor's degree in design from Linnaeus University in Växjö, and a Master's degree from HDK (The Academy of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg. Emelie is responsible for design and marketing, but she is not always sitting with her sketchbook, often she rolls up her sleeves and helps out in the workshop. "What gives me energy to create and develop is all the returning customers who are happy with their products. And I am glad we have so many returning customers who share their thoughts about our products, since feedback is so important for development."  //Emelie

    Products by Emelie

    Joel Nilsson

    J Craftsman

    Joel is Våge's eldest son and he has been part of Våges from the beginning, building the company together with his father. Joel is a typical big brother who likes to participate in decisions while at the same time having a bird's eye view of Våges, even though he is since a few years working full time with his own company. "I think it is fun to see new products come to life, and to see the company evolve in line with the different skills and personalities of us brothers and sisters." // Joel

    Lenny Nilsson

    L Craftsman

    Lenny is the youngest sibling. He has studied engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and Social Science in Lund and Uppsala. The desire to know more and the feeling that everything is possible is always present in Lenny. He has a strong interest in nature and if you ask him he would probably say that he would like to spend all his time in the forest or gardening. Lenny's focus at Våges is to find ways to reach the customers. "It is all our nice and inspiring customer that I meet that makes it worth going the extra mile. Many times our customers give us ideas and suggestions for what we can do and how we can improve. For a long time now this has been a central part in the development process at Våges. So please come and talk and share your thoughts next time we meet!"  // Lenny

    Mikaela Nilsson

    M Craftsman

    Mikaela is Våge's eldest daughter. She is the one who has inherited Våge's ingenuity when it comes to manufacturing process, where she always has smart solutions to contribute with. With her aptitude for planning and problem solving she is in charge of the workshop that she keeps nice and tidy. There are some manufacturing steps that only Mikaela can perform, and then often with ease. Mikaela is responsible for manufacturing and quality at Våges. ”There is nothing better than to wake up on a hazy morning and go to the workshop with a hot cup of coffee and start the day. The scents of the workshop and the sensation of creating with your hands is something fantastic.” // Mikaela

    Products by Mikaela

    Pär Jonasson

    P Craftsman

    Pär has been a part of Våges since 2011. Pär has become like a brother to us and being a trained welder he provides a lot of knowledge to the workshop. Sharing his knowledge aside, he also always spreads joy and has the ability to see possibilities in everything, no matter what. Pär spends a lot of time in the workshop where he skilfully and thoroughly crafts candle holders. ”It is exciting to work for a small company since you get to perform many different tasks. That means you don't get tired, and also you get to know all parts of the company so you can always answer any questions from customers at trade fairs and craft shows."  // Pär

    Våge Gustavsson

    V Craftsman & Designer

    Våge was the founder of Våges, and he mapped out the direction of the company with his charming and classic designs. Already as a child, Våge was a very talented drawer and designer. He understood very early the importance of quality and function, something that his children have inherited. Unfortunately Våge passed away in 2006, but left behind a range of amazing innovative models.

    Products by Våge
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