Candle holder jar

125.00 SEK incl. VAT

Make your own candle holders from tins, jars, vases and bigger bottles. Can be used with a variety of candles.

Candle holder jar is a very versatile product that can be used with for example tins, jars, vases, carafes, bigger bottles and demijohns. It is both fun and simple to make your own unique candle holders by decorating the jars with what you find in nature. Candle holder jar is one of Våges first designs and has ever since become increasingly popular because of it’s ingenuity, since it can be used with both crown, antique, block, globe, snowball, and tealight candles. Candle holder jar is also an integral part of one of Våges’s most classic candle holders, Vändbar. The black and white versions of Candle holder jar are cast in zinc and can therefore be used outside without the colours shifting. Rusty and untreated versions are cast in iron, something that gives them more weight and a greater sense of life.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 6 cm

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Våge Gustavsson

Craftsman & Designer

Våge was the founder of Våges, and he mapped out the direction of the company with his charming and classic designs. Already as a child, Våge was a very talented drawer and designer. He understood very early the importance of quality and function, something that his children have inherited. Unfortunately Våge passed away in 2006, but left behind a range of amazing innovative models.

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